Yippee – Prices Down

So often we see prices going up. We run Kombu along social enterprise lines so after all expenses profits go back into the business – both into investment and into reducing prices – making healthy and organic food available to as many people as possible.

To that end it is great to be able to share with you that we have been able to reduce our prices on over 100 lines this week and will be uploading those changes to our online store today 🙂 Prices for bulk lines are per kg. Any questions please don’t hesitate to let us know.

DescriptionOld PriceNew Price
Abs Org French Mustard 180g$3.75$2.95
Abs Org Seeded Mustard 180g$3.75$2.95
Agave Syrup Dark Organic bulk$14.95$12.95
Allspice Whole Bulk$74.95$29.95
Almonds I/Free Australian /kg$19.95$18.95
Apricots Dried Org bulk$16.95$14.95
Asafoetida Brown bulk$109.50$99.95
Basil Dried ORG bulk$99.50$89.95
Blueberries Dried Wildcraft/kg$59.50$49.95
Brazil Nuts Org Bulk$39.95$35.95
Buckwheat Organic Hulled bulk$7.75$6.75
Cajun Spice Mix bulk$69.50$59.95
Caraway seeds bulk$44.95$29.95
Cardamon Pods Org bulk$129.00$99.95
Cashews Raw Organic Bulk$29.95$24.95
Cayenne bulk$39.50$34.95
Celery seeds$34.95$21.95
Chai Tea Rooibos Organic 100g$11.95$8.95
Chilli ground bulk$25.95$21.95
Choc (dark) coated strawberry$49.50$44.95
Cinnamon Quills bulk$109.50$79.95
Coriander ground ORG bulk$59.50$49.95
Coriander whole bulk$28.95$19.95
Cranberries Dried Chem Free$29.95$24.95
Cumin ground  bulk$36.95$25.95
Cumin seed  bulk$49.50$39.95
Currants Organic bulk$12.95$11.95
Curry Powder Mild bulk$67.95$29.95
Damiana Leaf Wildcrafted Bulk$139.00$118.95
Dandelion Root  UNROASTED Org$99.50$89.50
Dates Organic Fresh$26.95$23.95
Detox Tea Org Blend$99.50$89.95
Dukkah Bulk$69.50$61.95
Ecover Floor Cleaner / kg$6.95$6.95
Fenugreek Organic bulk$24.95$21.95
Figs Dried Org. BULK$14.95$12.95
Flour Amaranth Org bulk$14.95$13.95
Flour Besan Org bulk$7.49$5.95
Flour Brown Rice Org Bulk$6.75$6.49
Flour Coconut Organic bulk$9.95$8.75
Garam Masala Bulk$69.00$28.95
Ginger Crytalised bulk$24.95$21.95
Ginger GROUND Org. BULK$109.50$54.95
Goji Berries Organic Bulk$39.95$36.95
Greenridge Multi Vital 200ml$24.95$19.95
Hazelnuts Organic 500g$12.95$12.95
Honeycone Ear Candle Child 2pk$11.75$9.95
Horsetail Organic bulk$67.50$59.95
Hot Chocolate Organic /kg$34.95$29.95
Juniper Berries Bulk$29.50$26.50
Kidney beans dark bulk$6.95$5.99
Laundry Liquid Eucalyptus /kg$6.95$6.75
Lemon Balm Organic bulk$89.50$79.95
Lentils GREEN Organic bulk$13.95$9.95
LovingEarth Coconut Butter Lge$18.95$12.75
Maca Powder Raw Org. bulk /kg$33.95$29.95
Marjoram Organic bulk$49.50$44.95
Marshmallow Root Organic bulk$77.50$69.50
Mung Dhal Org bulk$9.95$8.75
Mustard seeds Brown bulk$26.95$19.95
Mustard seeds yellow bulk$29.50$19.95
Neem Leaf bulk$104.95$97.50
Nettle Dried / kg$49.50$19.95
Nutmeg whole Org$129.50$99.95
Oat Groats Organic /kg$5.75$4.75
Oats Rolled Org. BULK$5.75$4.99
Olive Oil XV CP Chem Free / kg$12.95$12.95
Oregano Bulk$39.50$29.95
Orgran Rice Crispbread 125g$4.49$2.95
Pacific Almond Milk 240ml$2.49$1.99
Paprika sweet  bulk$59.00$39.95
Passionflower Organic bulk$79.50$69.95
Pau DArco Organic bulk$67.50$59.95
Pepita (pumpkin seed) Org bulk$19.95$17.95
Peppercorns black ORG bulk$49.50$39.95
Peppermint Organic bulk$74.95$69.95
Pinenuts Bulk$79.50$49.95
Pinto Beans bulk$5.75$5.49
Polenta Organic bulk$5.95$4.95
Poppy Seed bulk$39.00$28.95
Psyllium Husks bulk$24.95$19.95
Rice Basmati Org bulk$7.75$6.95
Rice Brown Rain FRAGRANT /kg$5.75$4.99
Rice White Medium Org bulk$5.95$5.75
Rosehip Tea Bulk$39.50$34.95
Sage bulk$64.95$49.95
Salsa blend mexican bulk$24.95$19.95
Salt Sea Natural bulk$9.95$6.95
Senna Leaf Organic$47.50$39.95
Senna pods$49.50$39.95
Sesame Seeds Bulk Organic$13.95$12.95
Siberian Ginseng Organic$67.50$59.95
Soy Beans Organic bulk$3.95$3.75
St Marys Thistle Org$54.95$47.95
Sugar Rapadura Organic bulk$8.75$7.95
Sultanas Org/BD /kg$12.95$11.99
Sumac ground$35.95$29.95
Sunflower Kernels Organic Bulk$8.95$7.95
Tahini Hulled Melissa Org bulk$15.95$13.95
Thompsons Fish Oil 400caps$29.95$19.95
Tomato and Basil Seasoning /kg$27.95$27.95
Valerian Organic bulk$89.50$79.95
Vitality Super Mix / kg$29.95$27.95
Wakame  – organic bulk$45.95$42.95
Wheat Grain organic bulk$2.75$2.49