The Home Herbal

A few weeks ago I took a quick look at some of the amazing medicinal herbs that can be found masquerading as weeds in and around our homes. Over the coming weeks I would like to take some time to introduce and explore more of our local and common backyard plants. What are they useful for as medicines and to keep my aspiring chef happy, perhaps a few culinary uses too! I think it is one of the most exciting and empowering feelings to be able to meet at least some of our own needs from the garden and wilds.

Firstly, to start us off,  I’d like to explore a few of  the cornerstones of naturopathy/herbalism. These create the framework that then means these herbs can be best utilised. Some are common sense and perhaps you’ve never thought of some in that way before.

Our natural state is ‘healthy’ and our body is always doing its best to return to this. Natural therapies on the whole aim to facilitate and strengthen this natural instinct and help in removing obstacles to healing.

Health is not just an absence of disease, it is physical, mental and emotional clarity and vitality. This includes relationships, living environment and beyond.

A person is a whole and complete being – disease and illness are then a manifestation of a greater imbalance across the whole rather than simply an isolated and independent event.

Our digestion is one of our major contacts with the outisde world. Through here we take in food for energy, as building blocks and the ingredients for just about every chemical process in the body. Likewise, it is through here that we do much of our elminiation and detoxification. Our digestion is fundamental to good health.

Some of the most powerful healers in the world are clean air, clean water, good food and sound sleep. These are invaluable!

Article by Damian Harrison, Naturopath from Chamomile Naturopathy , Bellingen.