Healthy Lemon Halva

15 mins (prep) | 0 mins (cooking)

A delicious and easy to make dish – gets the children in the kitchen!


5 C sesame seeds
1/4 C lemon juice
1/4 C rice syrup
1/8 C honey

Step by Step

This recipe was created at a time of year when lemons were abundant, and I was creatively trying to find a way of incorporating them into everything. The upside is that lemons make almost any dish taste better! And the lemon tang really cuts through the sesame seeds beautifully in this recipe. Also I liked the more subtle taste created by using rice syrup in this ratio with the honey, as it lets the lemon and sesame flavours shine a little more than they would if I had used straight honey.

  • Step one: Slowly pour (really slowly as too much too quick can cause it to jam up) sesame seeds into your Oscar Juicer (with the blank attachment rather than the juicing attachment), to create more of a meal consistency with the sesame seeds.
  • Step two: place the sesame meal into food processor, with the other ingredients and blend until the texture seems ‘halva’ like.

Serve and eat immediately, or refrigerate to create a slightly firmer texture – that perhaps might be more conducive to slicing.

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