Gluten Free Rhubarb Crumble

10 mins (prep) | 30 mins (cooking)

A fun, easy to make gluten free desert!


Organic Apples
Organic Rhubarb
Organic Cultured Butter
Almond Meal

Step by Step

Good fun, easy to make and an affordable healthy gluten free desert 🙂
Grab a couple of bunches of rhubarb and a few apples.
Slice them all finely in a food processor.
Spread across the bottom of an oiled oven dish. (We use coconut oil on the dish as it deals with heat a lot better than other oils).
Add some cinnamon to give it that warm spicy taste.
Add a few tablespoons of water to the tray – this will help it cook without burning.
Mix 1/4 block butter, 2 tablespooons honey and bout 1/3 kg almond meal until clumpy but before it turns to puree. We use a plastic blade in a food processor to do this quickly.
Spread the almond meal mix onto the top of the rhubarb and apple.
Put into an over @ 175C for about 30mins – check to make sure the top is not burning.

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