Flower Petals for Maxine

 10 mins (prep) | 0 mins (cooking)

An easy to make, healthy and tasty treat for children. Developed in honour of a good friend who was always so encouraging about our recipes.



  • Organic tomatoes
  • 1 tin Good Fish Sardines
  • Small Tub Hafla Tzatziki
  • Olive Oil to taste, if more needed
  • Local organic lemons
  • 1 pack Eatrite crackers


Step by Step

Slice large ripe organic room temperature tomatoes into thin slithers and create a circle on each child’s plates – these are your flower petals.

Now take one tin of Good Fish Sardines In Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil and tip contents (oil and fish) into a flattish mixing bowl and mash well with a fork.

Add a small tub of Hafla Tzatziki and tip on top of masked sardines.

Take a fresh Bello lemon (with our collective glut at this time of year, a freebie should be close by) and squeeze in 1/4 -1/2 of it’s beautiful juice.

With your fork stir these three ingredients together and now you are ready to decorate the petals.

With a small spoon place a tiny little dollop of the delicious, nourishing mixture into the middle of every tomato.

Place one Eat Rite Wholegrain Brown Rice Tamari Seaweed Cracker on top of each dollop (this acts as a glue to prevent the cracker sliding off the tomato).

Now place another generous dollop on top of each cracker and garnish each with one tiny coriander leaf. The idea is that the children pick up the whole petal and eat it with their fingers 🙂

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