After Dinner Treat

5 mins (prep) | 0 mins (cooking)

Finished dinner? Experiencing that slight feeling that you just need a tiny little something more, a bit dessert-like, but not too sweet, not too large and still quite nourishing? These treats could be the answer!


1-2T Sunflower Butter
1 Lemon
Splash Vanilla Essence
Sprinkle Cinnamon Powder
1-2T Carob Powder
1t Maca Powder

Step by Step

Dollop about 1-2 T of sunflower butter into a bowl
Add juice of one lemon, teeny splash of vanilla essence, a sprinkle of cinnamon powder, 1-2 T of carob powder, and about 1t of maca powder*.
Stir all ingredients together with teaspoon, crushing any maca or carob lumps
Spoon delicately into your awaiting mouth! Enjoy 🙂

*Some believe Maca Powder to be a useful tool to curb anxiety / support our adrenals. So I am experimenting with this theory by creatively incorporating this supplement into mealtimes (Lowanna)

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