Megan’s Favourite Things

Megan’s Favourite Things

What is your name and what do you do at Kombu?

Hi, I am Megan I am one of the Managers at Kombu and the Local Produce Coordinator 🙂

What is your favourite product – and why?

My favourite product at the moment are the pretty local radish bunches grown by Tom and Kaycee available in Autumn, Winter and Spring – They are Certified Organic growers from Bowraville.

I love them thinly sliced in salads, topping soups or broths but my favourite recipe is my quick radish pickle.

Megan’s Delicious ‘Quick Radish Pickle’

Thinly slice radish and red onion and press firmly into a small jar.

Mix apple cider vinegar and coconut sugar to taste and add to jar to just cover radish.

Optional: Add caraway, fennel seed, crushed coriander seeds or dill for a yummy addition 🙂

That sounds absolutely delicious, thanks for sharing. I will definitely be trying this out on the weekend! Just one last question before I let you go.. Why do you like working at Kombu and what is your favourite part of your day here?

So many reasons!! I love the beautiful produce in store, the inspiration that comes from customers, the wonderful fellow staff members and the passion behind this wonderful local business that we are so lucky to have!

Thanks Megan 🙂