We are lucky in Bellingen – one of the most climatically diverse regions on the East Coast. Although small (that is Bellingen Shire in red on the map) the climate varies from coastal plain through subtropical valleys and then climbs up to the dizzy heights of the Dorrigo plateau, then further up towards the highest peaks in Northern New South Wales close to Ebor. We range from locations that never see frost to others that get snow most years. With (almost) guaranteed rainfall and plenty of sunshine we get to see grass (and most other plants) growing like there is no tomorrow.

All that rain, heat and sunshine brings problems as well – and fast growing plants means fast growing weeds as well. We also see storms that can bring strong winds and damaging hail. Best of all we have a beautiful landscape – and many organic and chemical free growers who work through drought, flood and heat to bring us the best food they can.

We get local produce arriving in store daily. The following pages offer a selection of some of the amazing produce we are priviledged to sell in store.

  • Gwydir River Garlic
  • Love Locally
  • pumpkins
    Local Pumpkins
  • apples group fruit vegetable isolated on white
    Dorrigo Apples
  • citrus
    Local Citrus - Lemons, Limes & Grapefruit
  • oranges
    Local Citrus - Oranges
  • Dorrigo Potatoes