Kaya’s Favourite Things


Kaya’s Favourite Things

What is your name and what do you do at Kombu?

Hi, I am Kaya and my role at Kombu ranges from customer service to stocking shelves to fresh produce.

What is your favourite product – and why?

My favouite product is the Loving Earth Cacao Butter… I use it for everything and love the variety of things that it can be used for. One of my favourite recipes that I am willing to share is for a simple raw chocolate – easy enough for everyone to make and lots of variations depending on how adventurous you are feeling!

Kaya’s Simple and Delicious Raw Chocolate
1 part cacao powder
2 part maple syrup
4 parts cacao butter

– Melt cacao butter gently on a low heat
– Stir in cacao powder and maple syrup until well combined

This recipe can then be put into moulds or shaped on parchment paper and popped in the freezer for 10 mins or  for something a little more decadent…

– Remove pit from date and stuff with a whole nut i.e Macadamia
– Place in freezer until cold
– Sprinkle in salt
– Dip nut rolled date in chocolate and roll in something pretty and delicious i.e coconut or rose petals

Wow that sounds amazing. Before I got off to make this I have one last question 🙂 Why do you like working at Kombu and what is your favourite part of your day here?

I love learning new things from the customers and staff at Kombu everyday – such as sharing recipes and ideas. I love the interesting, dynamic and fun atmosphere and the knowledge shared in the Kombu space from within the community 🙂

Thanks Kaya <3