An Interview with Peace Love and Vegetables

We recently had the great opportunity to check in with Adam and Anya, the amazing folk @ Peace Love and Vegetables – creators of incredibly popular live and raw sauerkraut…

What is the inspiration behind the name Peace, Love & Vegetables?

Anya first heard a friend say it, and it captivated her. And it sounded like “sex, drugs & rock n roll” which was a transformational era, but Peace Love & Vegetables is a part and represents under surge of a health movement which is happening globally.  We chose it because the phrase represents what we believe is the most important thing which is Love & Peace within us and everything else. And the Vegetables representing health which we believe is so important in helping you in achieve wellbeing.  The name is a representation of the holistic approach we conduct ourselves and the business with.   

Tell us a little about the product, product range? Why cultured vegetables?

If you look at the ingredient list on any of our products you will see that the first ingredient is Love Particles.  There are scientific tests that now show how our conscious or unconscious intention effects our environment.  The force of love is the strongest in the universe.  We have a lot of respect for bacteria and the process because our emotions and feelings get cultivated in the bacteria and grow into supporting an extremely beneficial ecosystem for our body when eaten.  We do all this hoping to influence the eco system in the most positive and caring way, so we may hand over to you ( the consumer ) and influence your well being so you may be a better you.

Our range of sauerkrauts is unique with a mix of ingredients that you normally would not find in a typical sauerkraut jar.  We have four flavours: Kim Chi, Green, Berry, and Sea vegetables, and these are the themes for the alchemy of different ingredients that we put together and present to you.  Here are some of the ingredients we use, and if you haven’t heard of them before, just google them, they are awesome ! Gynostemma, shizandra berry, E3Live, gotu kola, spirulina, chlorella, goji berries, purple corn extract, ormus and turmeric.  All of the ingredients, except gynostemma which is wildcrafted, are certified organic, even  salt.  Unlike most other sauerkrauts you find are pasteurised which sort of defeats the purpose of fermenting in the first place, cause all the beneficial bacteria and enzymes are killed.  We are also unique because we inoculate the sauerkraut with a broad spectrum culture starter with bacteria that are very hardy and extremely beneficial for you.  

Bacteria are good for you ! We are ten times more bacteria cells then human.   We have on average 1 trillion human cells but we have 10 trillion bacteria living inside of us.  ARE WE HUMAN ? We are just a shell, a habitat for these bacteria.  They were the first living organisms on the earth, and since we’ve come along we’ve lived in symbiosis and evolved with them.  Fermenting has been a part of almost every culture around the world.  We’ve somehow lost the art and forgotten about it in our modern day western society.  We are told that bacteria are bad, and yes it is true in some cases, but back of this we have embarked on a quest to nuke and sterilise all bacteria from our environment and ourselves to the point of a phobia.  Right now it is more important then ever to build your immune system and make us more adaptive to the stresses and environmental pollutants and toxins. 

What beliefs or philosophies drive you?

Guess what ? We are what we eat, or more importantly what we digest.  We believe that a desire is the beginning of a thought impulse of which to create action of attaining that thought.  You can achieve whatever you put your mind to, but through our experience looking after your health and eating fermented foods helps you create positive thoughts and gives you energy of attaining your goals.  We want to see a healthier world and part of our goal is to educate the people so they may make informed decisions and InJoy life.  

Tell us a little about the alchemy (the magic) of the creative process!

A little bit of veggies, a little bit of salt and a whole lot of Love.  Its an easy process, but you got to be present.  We cut vegetables, we add all the ingredients, and we mix it, and put it into large vats, where we wheel them into a specially designed fermenting room where we ground them to the earths electro magnetic field and play to them nice music while they are sitting and growing in their ideal fermenting temperature doubling in beneficial bacteria numbers about every thirty minutes.  After a few days all the sugars are eaten up and we have a rich ecosystem ready to be bottled and refrigerated and send out to lucky stores.  

Does the region you work in offer particular support or inspiration for your work?

The Byron Bay area has been extremely supportive in embracing this new / old alternative product and have given us the back bone to spread Byron Bay sauerkraut abroad.  

Looking at the health industry en masse, are their any disparities that concern you? How might these effect the individual?

The bastardisation of the green movement.  Companies lacking the authenticity including the organic certification labels in truly representing what they so strongly base themselves around.  Money is the leading ruler all too often, rather then servicing and yielding superior products and foods which they have access to doing.
It would help us be free.  

 In your opinion where does the process of healing begin within a human organism?

In the mind, but we have 2 brains, one in the head, and one in the gut and they both work together in unison.  You need to nourish both, with positive thoughts and self reflection, and the right fuel and balance of friendly bacteria.   

Where did this journey begin for you both and what inspires you about the other?

At one point of our lives we wanted to feel better and we started to find out what truely we were eating.  And through that process we found out what was not so good for you, and what was.  Living in LA Anya met a guy called Truth, who introduced her to fermenting.  Through Anya’s journey of healing through ferments like sauerkraut and kefir she decided to start making it in Australia while visiting for friends.  She met Adam on a similar health journey that he had embarked on, where they fell in love and was introduced to the world of fermenting.  Within the first few weeks of them dating, Adam went and bought $3000 food processor which he believed was such a fantastic movement to be a part of.  Through our own health adventure it has inspired us to enrich other peoples lives with fermented foods.  

It has been challenging working and learning about the do dos and the do donts in the industry that we have not been involved in before.  We have made heaps of mistakes and through those mistakes we’ve learned a lot and continue to.  It seems that in business as in life its all about making mistakes so you can learn and better yourself and grow from them.  Its constant, there are challenges every day and rewards when we get over them and its worth it. To see the trials and tribulations lit up behind you.  

Peace Love and Vegetables is more than just a name or a brand.  Its a catalyst to bring health and prosperity to the people of the world.  People wanting to know more about health and consume the best information and foods can trust that anything that we do is of the highest integrity and that we are always looking for that edge for the best.  We are in the working of launching a website, where people can access these things we are talking about including videos, information, super herbs, and superfoods.  We aim that every person in Australia can go down to a local store  and buy some raw fermented foods of some description to satisfy or heal themselves.  There are many other things, but we’ll leave it at that for now 🙂 

Thank you very much for your time 🙂 Off now to try more of your beautiful products!