Gwydir River Garlic

We are very proud to be retailing the amazing Gwydir River Black Garlic Salt and Black Garlic Honey in store. We caught up with Kai and Megs to hear about their story – and how they ended up on the land growing and then processing some amazing products!

Hi Kombu, Thanks for the opportunity to share a little about us and our products. Kai an I moved to Bingara in search of a sustainable life away from city living. We have lived around the world and are lucky enough to find Bingara nestled between the mountains and Gwydir River.
We started growing Organic Australian Red garlic in 2016 and have loved becoming a boutique garlic grower in our region. 

We have enjoyed growing our business and turning our beautiful garlic into fermented black garlic, a superfood along with a few black garlic products!
We fell in love with cooking with Black Garlic Salt as it enhances the flavor of any meal, and have combined the black garlic and local raw honey for medicinal purposes for our kids and our self during the winter cold and flu months finding it helps healing by using both the black garlic and raw honey. 

The black honey has also been a tasty addition drizzled over deserts or yogurts or to add the deep umami flavor to Honey Soy Tofu and other Asian meals. We love learning new ways to use black garlic and love we can teach our children life long skills from seed to product while growing our business.  

Both Gwydir River Black Garlic Salt and Black Garlic Honey are now available in store. Please ask if you have any questions.