Kombu Floodcam: Flooding is a fact of life in Bellingen – and one of the key bits of information many of us in town need to know is if the main bridge through town is open. The livestream below comes from a camera provided by and located at Kombu Wholefoods, with additional running costs kindly sponsored by local IT business Snapfrozen

Bellingen Council / Bellingen SES Floodcams: Bellingen Shire Council, in collaboration with Bellingen SES,  have also installed a number of floodcams at key bridges across the valleys that update every 30 minutes. Queries about these images should be directed to Bellingen Council.

Bellingen Weather Station: There is also a weather station located @ Kombu Wholefoods. You can check out all the live information – including rain rate, total rainfall, air quality and more on the Bellingen Weather website. Discussion, forecasts and more can be found on the Bellingen Weather News page.

Live river heights for local rivers (Kalang / Never Never / Bellingen / Coffs Creek) – including approximate flood levels – can be found on this page.

 Bellingen CouncilBellingen SES  flood cams  – check the time stamp and refresh the page if old. Click on the image for a popup time-lapse view. These cameras are maintained by Bellingen Shire Council and their operation is outside our control. If the cameras are non-operational you might see missing images below. When operational it is still worth checking the timestamp on the images to make sure they are up to date.

Lavenders Bridge, Bellingen

Moodys Bridge, Kalang

Leans Bridge, Thora

Spicketts Creek, Brierfield

Local rivers – even as far as Lavenders Bridge – are impacted by the tides at Urunga. The chart below shows the tide times for Urunga. Click on the arrow on the right hand side for high and low tide times. Tidal impacts are delayed into Bellingen (by a couple of hours) and are significantly less than the impact of rainfall, but can be useful at flood times. Thanks Idris for the suggestion 🙂

Please note the important disclaimer regarding the images above:

The images on this page are provided from an automated system. There is no validation of this information. It is the responsibility of the internet user to make their own decision about the currency, accuracy and completeness of the information on this web page and the images. Bellingen Shire Council accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage incurred as a result of this information or its use in any way.

Many thanks also to Nick Jenkins and his team at Valley Tree Services for keeping the tree branches trimmed. They do this as a community service – please consider supporting them with your custom.