Do What You Love!

Yesterday I was enjoying a little Instagram session when I came across some words that really hit home for me. Every so often someone puts something into words which deeply and profoundly expresses a feeling or thought that has, until that moment, been unable to find its complete form.

As a naturopathic health practitioner, I have a certain shape and form. My tools of the trade are a nutritional education both in food and supplements; knowledge of herbs and the many wonderful ways they can help; and hands-on healing through remedial massage. This means that when people come to see me I need to ask lots of questions about food choices, nutrition, physical health, physiological function, mental health, and emotional well-being. All of this is important but there is something deeper I am searching for, something I consider to be most important.

This is where naturopathbeth came into the picture with her simple but poignant explanation. That thing, the deeper and more important aspect of a person’s ‘health’ and what I truly believe health to be, is this:

Are you doing what you love?
Are you living with passion?
Are you following your life’s purpose?

So simple and yet so profound.

Are you following your true calling, that yearning in your heart, that deep desire? You can put so much time and energy into ‘doing everything right’, but if you aren’t following your heart, living your passion and finding fulfillment in what you do then no matter what you eat or how often you exercise, it is going to be very hard to stay healthy, happy and well. If you ignore this true calling or find yourself living for everyone else then it’s going to be very hard to stay happy, healthy and well.

Deep in each of us we know if we are being true to ourselves or not. Often, when we finally take time to stop, listen, reconnect with our passion and inner purpose then take action, our physical signs and symptoms of ill health fall away. We are on our right track again and everything can flow freely.

– Damian Harrison,
Chamomile Naturopathy