Charlie’s Favourite Things

Charlie’s Favourite Things

What is your name and what do you do at Kombu?

Hi, I am Charlie and my typical role at Kombu is a ‘bouncer’, which is a bit of everything – Jumping in whenever and wherever I am needed!

What is your favourite product – and why?

My favourite products at Kombu are the Spiral Japanese Caddie Knife , the Spiral Japanese Suribachi and the Spiral Japanese Surikogi . I trained many years ago with a Japanese Master Chef and have been using these products ever since. They’re beautiful, both functional and works of art. The knife is sharpened on just one side at a very shallow angle for fine slicing. The Suribachi and Surikogi are used to make gomasio, which is roasted sesame seeds ground wi th sea salt. Kombu now sells unhulled organic sesame seeds in bulk which are used to make gomasio (the hulled won’t work for this receipe).

Ratio: 20 parts unhulled sesame seeds, 1 part sea salt

Heat a heavy preferably cast iron medium-sized pan on a low flame.

Add the salt and toast until very hot and dry to the touch.

Remove the salt and add the sesame seeds. Toast, turning frequently until fragrant and a few shades darker. Keep the heat low enough to avoid any burning.

Grind the salt and sesame seeds together in a suribachi.

Store in an airtight container at room temperature and offer as a table condiment.

Thanks Charlie 🙂 I am now feeling inspired to create some delicious Japanese cuisine! Can you tell me why you like working at Kombu and what is your favourite part of your day here?

Working at Kombu I feel like I have become a real part of the Bellingen community… And the people here are great, the best group I have ever worked with! I particularly enjoy helping customers with information about macrobiotic products and cooking tips.

Thanks Charlie 🙂