The Benefits of Healthy Food

fruit and vegetable rainbow

One of my personal passions when it comes to healthcare is helping people to achieve optimal nutrition through their day to day diets eating simple, delicious wholefoods.

I am blessed in my part of the country to have a diversity of climates within 100km ranging from  coastal through sub-tropical to the more temperate areas. This means that we are also blessed with a wonderful diversity of food choices from freshly caught seafood and bananas through to delicious apples, blueberries, macadamia nuts and pecans.

What we eat everyday is so important. It is our fuel for movement and function, contains the catalysts for hundreds of miraculous chemical reactions inside us happening each second, provides the integral building blocks we need for growth and repair and my favourite, also provides us with a wonderful opportunity to connect with the world around us in a very unique and usually quite tasty way!

Each and every food out there is one of natures ‘superfoods’. Local and delicious everyday vegetables provide an abundance of nutrition for us. The fresher the better as all foods begin to deteriorate with time losing nutritional value and often flavour. Eating organically grown and local foods not only benefits us but is also gentler on the planet, who in turn cares for us. Try new foods regularly – diversity in our diets is as important as in the rainforest. Each food makes its own unique contribution to our health and wellbeing.

Most of all, keep it simple and have fun!!

Article by Damian Harrison, Naturopath from Chamomile Naturopathy , Bellingen.