Bare Beauty

We have a lovely new range of natural skin-care products in-store that are bound to put a smile on your dial whilst also softening your skin.

Bare Beauty Essentials was founded by long-time friends Laura Blockley and Sarah Dugdale in 2015 in Laura’s humble home kitchen.

Both born and bred locally in Coffs Harbour, these two women care deeply about what products they put onto—and into—their bodies.

They have created a range of pure beauty products that customers can confidently trust to contain nothing harmful—absolutely no synthetic fragrances or chemicals are in these delicious cremes and balms.

The name ‘Bare Beauty’ reflects that only the finest, most pure ingredients are used, and organic where possible.

Their lovely cremes and balms are made regularly and in small batches, so you are guaranteed that they are fresh and rich with active nutrients for your skin, and that they haven’t been sitting on a store shelf or warehouse for months on end.

Laura and Sarah are both passionate about encouraging people to treat their bodies kindly, so as to encourage healing. With Bare Beauty Essentials, you can be sure what you are putting on your skin is pure and natural.

Come on in to Kombu Wholefoods and check out their goods. Some of our staff’s favourites include:

  • Sacred Blue Lotus Facial Toning Mist
  • Sacred Blue Lotus Facial Oil
  • Sacred Blue Lotus Anti-Aging Cream
  • Luscious Skin Body Butter
  • Calming Body Butter