From Bach and Bush (Part 2)


Made from Australian flowers, the Bush Flower Remedies capture the ruggedness and wisdom of our old continent. Our Australian flora is distinctly unique and the flowers for these essences come from a diversity of regions across Australia, ranging from the remote and harsh climates of the interior to our coastal sclerophyll forests.

Similarly to the Bach flowers, each Bush flower essence has a specific emotional state or states for which it can help. Bach’s remedies were discovered during the early 1900’s and cover many basic human emotional states. The Bush flower remedies, made during the late 1980’s, reflect the evolution of that past 60 years and the new challenges that we face in a rapidly changing society. More readily addressed by these essences are issues around sexuality, communication, spirituality, creativity and learning skills.

The Bush Flower Essence series were created by Ian White and his wife Kristin. Ian had a deep connection and respect for the Australian Bush since an early age. Coming from a long line of Herbalists and Naturopaths, he would often accompany his grandmother on long walks in the bush as she gathered herbs for medicine. After an education in science and psychology, Ian began to explore more natural and wholistic approaches to health, returning to his roots and becoming a Naturopath. In practice he often worked with and taught about the Bach flower essences and after taking up meditation, one day had a realisation that the Australian plants too had their own innate healing potential.

The Bush Flower Essences are used in the same manner as the Bach flowers. Either prescribed individually for physical, mental or emotional imbalances individually or combined together to address a few aspects of imbalance.

A few common bush flower essences that may be familiar as plants are:

Bottlebrush: To help ease life’s transitions and encourage change when necessary
Flannel Flower: To help develop physical and emotional openess
Wisteria: To help increase openess and relaxation around sexuality

Article by Damian Harrison, Naturopath from Chamomile Naturopathy , Bellingen.